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We are the all-in-one social learning network where diverse people come together to seek and share their expertise while networking with like-minded people

What is Beyond Grades?

Beyond Grades, India’s best social learning network platform where diverse like-minded people and innovative minds come together to network and bond to share interests. Connect and build your community with people who have walked in your shoes and blazed some trails. No matter what walk of life you belong from, if you want to advance in your career by taking learning from experts who know which knights to use in the corporate chessboard and what pieces to use to ace the game - all with help of social learning networking, Beyond Grades is the key to this lock!

What’s in it for you?

Supportive Community

Get access to our amazing community and build your own circle of trust with people who are at the same wavelength as you.

Qualified Mentors

Learn from our seasoned mentors who only got to their position by first being in yours as they pass on their tried-and-tested strategies to help you uplift in a collaborative, educational, and supportive environment.


With our skill upgradation courses, designed by industry professionals, you can fill in your skill gaps and find a more meaningful career. Instill real-world skills, practical knowledge, and learning based on insights.

Network for lifetime

Meet peers whom you can trust and build relationships for a lifetime. Our social learning community is designed in such a way so you can mingle with people from different backgrounds and share relatable experiences and knowledge while being authentic to fast-track your career growth and personal development.

Engage and Earn

Our reward system encourages you to participate in the Beyond Grades community as an active learner and contributor. You can use your reward points to unlock premium resources, webinars, workshops and book a 15-minute consultation session from mentors.

Endless Learning

No matter where you are in your career, learning never ends. That's why we aim to equip you with everything you need to advance your profession, including ebooks, checklists, data, tools and much more. And it's all free!

Sneak Peek Of Our Platform

Get advice on most important career decisions. Ask tension free!

Discuss and seek diverse perspectives on a common topic

On-demand short term courses curated and designed by industry specialists

Meet people whom you can trust and build relationships for a lifetime

Unlimited free downloadable resources to elevate your career

Whom will you meet inside?

Professionals from varied industries and experiences
People who have
great business ideas
Past and present
Acquaintances you know from your personal life
Trusted by the ever growing community of learners

I can trust this platform to find solutions to all my career-related problems. It has everything related to jobs, careers, entrepreneurship and a robust community to help you with whatever they can!

-Mohd Talha Khursheed

From learning to getting hired, my experience with Beyond Grades has been outstanding! I graduated last year and was desperately searching for jobs. I asked my doubts and few referrals on the community forums and, to my surprise, got instant replies from professionals and other community members. The community is so supportive and helpful! Thanks once again for helping me start with my career!

-Sagar Jadeja

Beyond Grades facilitate me to talk directly with industry professionals. They taught me how to build my resume and crack top company interviews by developing impressive soft skills.

-Krishan yadav

Though I was good at academics, I lacked confidence. I got to know about the platform and downloaded some of its free resources which included books on public speaking, communication and the art of persuasion. Once I read those books and followed the steps mentioned in them, socializing with people was no big deal for me. Thanks for providing us with so many valuable resources for free. Looking forward to more such e-books!

-Syed Mural Ali

Amazing community! Unlike other community groups, the members here actively participate in group activities. They love to share their interests and experiences. And yes, no spammers at all! It's something that adds real value to the community and its members.

-Ahzam Siddiqui

For freshers, this platform is a lifesaver! I got every resource available in one place. From resume templates to interview preparations with professionals. The first interaction I had with community members was really exciting and encouraging.

-Wasim Khan

I was stuck making a career choice for myself! Thanks to the mentors who guided me find a suitable career and land my first job!

-Umair Alam